Helping to connect offline adults

This month sees the launch of Online basics, a new free course designed to help thousands of offline adults take their first steps with computers and the internet.

Online basics, which is available free of charge at, offers five key modules covering the basics people need to know to get going online – from keyboard and mouse skills through to email, internet searching and how to stay safe on the internet. Alongside these modules, the site also provides access to guidance for people helping someone to use the course, such as tutors in learning centres or family and friends supporting someone at home. In this way, Online basics is open to everyone.

The course has been created as part of the Government’s response to Estelle Morris’ Review of ICT User Skills, published in June. The report recommended a single channel to help the 15 million offline adults in the UK get to grips with technology and BIS, Becta and UK online centres have developed Online basics as a response.

Date Added: January 28th 2010