The ECA contributes to the celebration event

The conference, organised by the Adult Education Unit of the European Commission (DG Education and Culture), will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Grundtvig programme and mark the start of the European Year for combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Taking place on the 26-28th January 2010 in Brussels, it will bring together European national, regional and local policy makers, experts in the field of adult learning, representatives of successful Grundtvig projects and individuals/organistions interested in the field.

The event will consist of thematic key speeches, reflections around the future of adult learning in Europe and presentations of successful projects. ECA Chair & CEO Bernard Godding will give a presentation on the Teddy Bear project during the ‘Senior Citizens and Adult Learning’ Workshop.

Bernard says ‘we were delighted that Teddy Bear was selected as one of the presentations for the Grundtvig 10th Anniversary and the recognition that this gives to intergenerational learning in an ageing Europe’

The intergenerational project, of which the ECA was Project Co-ordinator, has previously been praised by the European Commission in the Grundtvig ‘Success Stories’ publication and is cited as an example of best practice in 2 Ecotec handbooks, ‘Sharing Success’ and ‘Learning Together’. The project also featured in the December edition of the publication LLinE (Lifelong Learning in Europe).

To find out more about the project click here.

To see the Conference programme click here.

Date Added: January 26th 2010