Today marked the opening of the two week UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.

The 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change will discuss emissions targets and financial measures to combat climate change, with negotiations starting on Monday between delegations from 192 countries.

The meeting is intended to update the 1997 Kyoto Protocol with the UN claiming that an unprecedented number of countries are promising a cut in their emissions.

The main areas to be discussed at the talks are

The ECA believes that more emphasis needs to be placed on the role of education within the Climate Change agenda. There is a need to look at new learning for adults that could lead towards more sustainable behaviour as well as what skills communities and individuals will need to adapt to the effects brought about by Climate Change. These were among issues looked at in the European Association for the Education of Adults Climate Change Thematic Network, of which the ECA was the trans-national co-ordinator.

This belief in the importance of adult learning led to the ECA contributing to the Declaration presented at Confintea VI earlier this month in Brazil. The Declaration called for a global adult learning response to the challenge of Climate Change.

As early signatories to the Third Sector Declaration on Climate Change, the ECA would encourage other organisations to sign up and take action within their organisation to tackle issues of Climate Change. For more information and to sign please click here. To help make changes why not visit our Every Action Counts resources page.

Date Added: December 7th 2009