New European project follows Educational Centres Association’s success with TEACh

An eight-country project team is out to prove that getting involved in politics is not only noble, community building, and essential, can be a lot of fun. The team is producing teaching materials – manuals, film scripts, and computer games – for non formal adult learning. Roll up to find out more!

The project – EuroPol – follows on the highly successful award-winning TEACh project (Teaching European Active Citizenship) in which the Educational Centres Association (ECA) was the UK representative and founder member. It builds on the Association’s contribution to the Learning Framework for Take Part which forms a major plank in the ‘Communities in Control’ White Paper for greater citizen engagement. It therefore continues the ECA’s focus on sustainable communities and its recognition of the necessity for training community members to take on their civic responsibility as paramount.

EuroPol’s basic premise is that our culture’s traditional idea of politics is something that is dirty and should best be avoided. Because of this, the population leaves the voting and decision-making to a depressingly decreasing number. If so few participate in politics, can we talk anymore about political power resting with the people?

Help is at hand. The EuroPol project team, which includes ECA representation, is a whirlwind of activity; creating twelve film scripts for discussion starters, a teaching manual, and a computer game in a few short months. All the materials will be translated into all languages of the project members. This includes sign language, as UK’s participation is primarily focused on the Deaf community (i.e. those who use British Sign Language as their preferred language). There is also an interactive website where anyone can leave comments on politics, (and perhaps win a prize) as well as post cards to express one’s political thoughts.

Check out the website here and see for yourself.

If anyone knows of a Deaf or Hearing group who might be interested in piloting some of the materials, or would just like to talk about it as a one-off club event, contact ECA Board Member Judith Robinson at .

By Judith Robinson

Date Added: July 13th 2009