The ECA is to act as the trans-national co-ordinator for a newly formed thematic network on Climate Change.

The new group held its first meeting at the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) General Assembly in Bonn on 22nd June 2009. The group was convened by the ECA’s chair & CEO Bernard Godding and focused on the lead up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference which will be held in Copenhagen on 7-18th December 2009.

The discussion looked at the new learning for adults that can help make behaviours more sustainable and also what individuals and communities will need to help them adapt to the effects of climate change and what the education responses to this should be. It also talked about the challenges ahead including the development of education relevant to different groups and the need for empowerment.

The ECA believes that more emphasis should be placed on the role of education within the climate change agenda. Education around these issues will help to lead to a greater understanding of the science behind climate change and the need for action as well as equipping people with the tools that they need to cope with its effects.

This can be seen as especially important in the light of the Ipsos Mori polling which shows that although 80% of people are worried about climate change only 4% of people believe that they themselves can make a difference.

The climate change discussion group is now open to EAEA members and the ECA looks forward to its role as co-ordinator in what it hopes will be an informative and inspirational forum.

Please click here to view the PowerPoint presentation used at the first thematic group meeting.

The ECA representatives stayed on in Bonn to attend the 40th Anniversary celebrations of DVV International where they contributed to the Declaration which will go to the UNESCO sponsored CONFITEA VI in Brazil on 1st December 2009 which calls for a global adult learning response to the challenge of Climate Change.

Date Added: June 29th 2009