A new guide to support for community action and advocacy has been published.

Campaigning is OK! They may not always like it, but it gets things done’ has been written by Titus Alexander, Head of Campaigning at the Novas Scarman Group. It is based on findings from 8 regional events that were organised by Novas Scarman and NCVO in 2009. Led by regional steering groups they brought together 600 people from community groups, charities and support providers.

The aim of the events was to –

• Raise awareness of the benefits of campaigning
• Promote training and support to make campaigning more effective (capacity building)
• Develop regional support networks for campaigning

Workshops on tools and techniques for campaigning were available at each of the events and these are included in the new publication. These will also be available on Wikipedia.

Representatives of the steering groups, including Bernard Godding, Chair and CEO of the ECA, who helped to organise the event at Leicester’s BRITE Centre, came together after the event to discuss findings and their recommendations.

The guide includes chapters on why campaign, giving people the support they need, and training for advocacy. Please contact us at info@e-c-a.ac.uk if you would like a hard copy.

Date Added: May 28th 2009