The ECA joins the celebrations with its newest member the Alban Neve Deaf Association (ANDA)

One of ECA's newest members, based in Luton; the Alban Neve Deaf Association (ANDA), celebrated enthusiastically on Saturday, 10th November. The Association held a special event to thank family and friends for supporting them in two years of study to achieve the Oxford and Cambridge RSA (OCR)'s Level 4 Certificate in FE Teaching. This will enable the four Deaf, and one Hearing candidate to qualify to teach in FE colleges and Adult and Community Learning Centres. Three teachers will be involved in teaching British Sign Language (BSL), one to teach computer skills to Deaf students, and the one Hearing teacher is involved in teaching Deaf Awareness and Communication tactics courses, among other subjects.

ANDA is a brand new charity, with a new Board of Trustees taking over from Luton Borough Council's control. In celebration of the event, Bernard Godding, ECA's Chair, sent a special message of congratulations and best wishes, and looks forward to working with our new partner in the future.

Photograph 1 (above) shows the successful candidates: Agnes Dyab, Steve Lawrence, Emma McAllister, Jonathan Farthing, Rebecca Child.
Photograph 2 (below) shows ECA?s European Officer, Judith Robinson, helping Mike Webster, chair of Alban Neve Deaf Association decide which of the celebratory pizzas has most cheese.

Picture 2

Date Added: November 19th 2007