Pathfinder programme builds on shared achievement.

The ECA’s contribution to the Take Part Learning Framework, which launched in 2006, is being built on through a new local pathfinder programme which has been launched by the government.

Communities and Local Government aims to strengthen local democracy through regional hubs which reach out into the local communities and set up tailored initiatives to reach those groups and individuals who are under involved. Each local programme will concentrate on issues that are specific to their own area, with the variety of lessons learned being brought together to form a national resource.

The Learning Framework drew on the ECA’s ‘TEACh’ European citizenship project as well as the work of a series of local ‘hubs’ originally funded by the Home Office.

Last year the White Paper ‘Communities in control: Real people, real power’ identified the need for ‘Citizenship Learning’ to help people to become more involved by providing information, training and encouragement to help them become more active within their communities.

The programme which will run for 3 years aims to

Increase levels of civic activism, consultation and civic participation; and in community leadership roles

Increased skills and confidence for participation among citizens, particularly those from more disadvantaged communities.

It builds on the Take Part Framework, brings on new agencies and organisations such as the Community Development Foundation and builds on the national activity undertaken by the Take Part National Network which in the interim has been promoting and disseminating the Take Part Learning Framework.

For more information click here to read the ‘Take Part in Democracy’ article from Communities and Local Government’s We Can! Spring 2009 publication

Date Added: April 20th 2009