The Leonardo da Vinci project can now be found online.

The project which will map the competencies of European Adult Education Professionals has recently launched a website which can be found at

The Flexi-Path website features details of the project and its partners including the ECA who are representing the UK.

The Association is working with partners from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Romania on the project to develop a common framework for vocational qualifications (EQF). The framework could be adopted by all training agencies across the continent. This would enable staff trained in one place to easily find employment at a similar level elsewhere in Europe – therefore meeting the ideal of increased labour mobility within the European Community.

The latest project news will be featured on both the ECA’s and the Flexi-Path websites, so keep visiting to stay up to date.

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If you would like to know more about Flexi-Path and discuss the project with us please contact us on 08442 495594 or email us on

Date Added: April 16th 2009