A great resource for post-16 e-learning materials

Funded by the LSC and available free to all authorised organisations in the post-16 sector, the NLN materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK.

The NLN Materials are small, flexible 'bite-sized' episodes of learning. They are not whole courses but are designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. The materials adopt a range of approaches involving some knowledge acquisition, a chance to practice and absorb, and some form of assessment to check that the learning has been understood and the learning outcome(s) achieved.

The materials give learners things to do and a chance to think for themselves. They are designed to be fun. Learners can make mistakes but can try again. There is plenty of in-built help if they get stuck and opportunities to go back and revise. Many of the materials include games or quizzes. Accessibility options are available on many of the materials to suit learners' individual needs. The materials are also designed to appeal to the different learning styles of your students.

The materials were created by commercial developers, in partnership with subject matter experts and a wide range of colleges and adult and community learning experts. All the materials have been trialled by tutors and students and tested for accessibility at the Royal National College of the Blind in Hereford.

The materials cover a wide range of subjects and levels, ranging from basic skills such as numeracy and literacy and subjects such as english, psychology, and environmental studies to vocational courses such as floristry, hairdressing and office administration.

Case studies on the site show that the resources have been well received and the website is a success. The ECA is currently downloading the environmental resources available, and is interested to see how we can relate these to our own work.

To find out more and download the information visit: www.nln.ac.uk

Date Added: August 5th 2008