Why not go out into your garden and do your bit?

Last month ECA Chair Bernard Godding and treasurer Naomi Godding attended the annual fete of the Layer Gardening Club.

David Morley of the Club had written a poem to display on his stall at the fete, which caused Bernard and Naomi much amusement, and also proved further that the environment and the arts can go hand in hand. The poem is shown below:

Why not buy a tree or two,
To help reduce the CO2,
Or simply make it up to three,
It only costs one hundred p

If you have not got the space,
To grow a full size tree,
Just trim the roots, and trim the shoots,
A Bonsai it will be.

To create a Bonsai use a shallow pot, and then cut back the main stem repeatedly over several years. Bend the stem and hold in place by wire and stakes.

Click here to visit the Bonsai primer site for more information on creating your own minature trees.

As you can see, David Morley was inspired by his own garden and passion for trees and he used this as inspiration for his humourous creative writing. Why not let nature inspire your creativity? Spend some time in your garden and let it become your muse. You can do your bit to reduce CO2 and become motivated to put pen to paper at the same time.

If you are moved to write something, don't keep it to yourself! Email us at eca@e-c-a.ac.uk. We'd love to hear from you and read your work, we could even display it here on the website!

If you want to go out into your garden but don't know where to start, visit our Every Action Counts page, where you will find wildlife and gardening hints and tips, updated monthly.

Date Added: August 5th 2008