A further tribute to the late educationalist

Nick Garr, the rector of the churches at Ranworth and South Walsham (the village to which Chris retired) conducted Chris’s service of thanksgiving. As Nick says, Chris was not only a well-respected educator but also a “gifted carver and designer, as well as a prolific artist.”

Chris designed the embroidery on the kneelers at Ranworth church. He also carved with great skill a selection of new misericords at the church, and ensured they blended in with the medieval ones already in use.

To celebrate the Millennium Chris designed a tapestry that was 24 feet long, and would take 24 local needlewomen 24 weeks to produce. One of these women was Chris’s widow Brenda. The tapestry included images of the wildlife surrounding Chris’s South Walsham home, weaving together his obvious interest in the arts with an eco theme, drawn from the local environment which includes the important Broadland reserves.

Chris was not only a talented artist; he also involved himself enthusiastically with the local community, undertaking various tasks. He was a keen supporter of the St Lawrence Centre for the arts in South Walsham. He also repeatedly took on the role of Father Christmas at the village school: A role that would have suited his larger-than-life personality perfectly.

Date Added: August 1st 2008