The TEDDYBEAR project is featured in both of ECOTEC's latest GRUNDTVIG handbooks

The latest handbooks from ECOTEC on how to manage your Grundtvig project arrived at the ECA this month. They are entitled 'Sharing Success' and 'Learning Together' and both include case studies of current and previous projects that they felt would inspire and inform. In each booklet the TEDDYBEAR project is used as one of these examples.

In the 'Learning Together' booklet the TEDDYBEAR project is highlighted as an example of best practice on how to work effectively with your partners. In the Sharing Success' booklet the project is held up as an example of a successful project, and a link to the ECA website is shown.

This additional recognition further cements the success of the TEDDYBEAR project which, along with the TEACh project, has also been praised by the European Commission via the 'Grundtvig Success Booklet. Let's hope our exciting future projects receive the same high acclaim!

To find out more about the TEDDYBEAR project click here

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Date Added: July 31st 2008