Following from last years Teddybear success, the TEACh project is featured in the latest official Grundtvig publication.

The ECA is pleased to announce that the TEACh project is featured in the latest official Grundtvig publication.The European Commission has selected it as one of ten mobility projects, from around 200 educational projects funded over the past years, which stand out for their quality.

The document describes the TEACh project as "Invaluable" and goes on to state that "The TEACh project gives Europe a practical and tangible approach to provide training in the difficult, but nevertheless extremely important subject of active European citizenship."

Obviously the ECA is delighted with this success and would like to thank everyone who helped make it possible. This includes Radu, who we congratulate for his bronze medal, and Judith Robinson for her fantastic contribution, as one of the main tutors from the second course onwards and her husband John who made a major input to the in-programme evaluation at the folkhögskola. We would also like to thank Chris Minter & Paul Olver for getting us into this in the first place and Chris for then playing a decisive role in the pre-launch phase. Bryn Davies' good offices secured the web resource which seems to have won praise even though it doesn't seem to have survived recent shakeups. Further appreciation to Jill Ward for hosting the first course while she was at Wedgwood College and helping us through one of our trickiest encounters which we managed to carry through with aplomb.

That this acknowledgement of the success of the TEACh project comes a year after similar recognition was made of the TEDDYBEAR project further emphasises that the hard work and dedication of the ECA leads to excellent results following fulfilling and important courses.

To read the extract on the success of the TEACh project, taken from the official Gruntvig publication, click here.

Date Added: June 23rd 2008