The History of the Settlements will be explored in an upcoming Conference

We are pleased to learn that in early July 2008 our Dutch colleagues are holding an event in Leiden concerned with the history of the European Settlements.

This two-day conference on the History of the Arts & Crafts Movement and the History of the Settlement Movement will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, from July 1 – July 2, 2008, at the Leidse Volkshuis centre for education and culture.

As the title of the conference implies, the Arts & Crafts and Settlement Movements are closely linked. They both emerged in the early days of the social emancipation movement at the end of the 19th century. Arts & Crafts has had a worldwide influence on architecture and industrial design, and for many people the Settlements provided a first chance to explore personal development and education.

The programme for the conference offers an ideal opportunity to become better informed about some important aspects of the origins of present-day community art and community education. It is also a chance to revaluate modern policies and to explore those lessons that can be drawn from our recent past. Everyone who is active in or interested in community arts and community education, either as a researcher, lecturer or as a practitioner, should therefore not miss this conference.

If you are interested in attending this important conference, then the attendance fee is EUR 100 for the full two days or EUR 50 per day. E-mail the conference co-ordinator Stephen Henri at: to book your place now.

Date Added: June 10th 2008