An exciting exhibition is being held

ECA members the Bassingbourn Village College and the Melbourn Village College have joined an European intergenerational learning consortium; PULSE- Perceptions and Understanding though Life Stories in Europe.

Barbara Isherwood, Adult Manager of Bassingbourn Village College and Val Tookey, Adult Manager of Melbourn Village College have been the U.K. representatives in the above named project. Financed by Gruntvig (ESF) funding – via the British Council and Ecotec - the other partners are:- Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Germany

Partners wanted to find out differences and similarities in how we perceive ourselves within Europe. The format of the project needed to involve the partners various expertise i.e. history, education, creative arts etc.

As a result of this project an exhibition of photographs and quotes from all of the member countries has been held. The pictures and quotes demonstrate:- • Childhood • Nationality • Special things • European feelings • Future aspirations

The exhibition is being held at Bassingbourn Village College from Friday 16th May - Friday 23rd May to coincide with Adult Learners Week. The opening times are Mon to Fri 10am – 4pm and Tue, Wed, Thur evenings from 6pm – 9pm.

Date Added: May 20th 2008