As Adult Learners' Week approaches the ECA announce their contribution.

The ECA realises that for Adult Learning to be a sucess there needs to be adequate support for parents as Adult learners. Therefore, to coincide with Adult Learners' week, the ECA is announcing that it plans to branch out into Family Learning, whilst still focusing on its eco-concerns, with a project entitled Green Family Learning . The exciting project is currently at the planning stages, with more details to follow shortly.

Adult Learners' week is all about celebrating and raising awareness of the fact that we all learn everyday often without realising it. And that taking the next step and going on a course needn’t be like going back to school.

To find out about Adult Learners' Week events in your area simply click here.

More general information about Adult Learners week can be found on the adult learners' week homepage.

Date Added: May 15th 2008