The ECA's conference, held on 6th May, is a huge sucess.

Joy Greasley, the National Federation of Women's Institutes Vice-Chair and Chair of the Training Committee, was the final speaker at the ECA's successful conference held on 6th May, entitled The Environment as an Informal Adult Learning Issue.

Ms Greasley referred to the Women's Institutes' attitude to Adult Education as being one of "Vision, Passion, Action". This struck a particular chord, as we believe that it encapsulates the ECA's attitude to the role of the Environment in Informal Adult Learning: we have the vision to see it's importance, the passion to do something about it, and in holding this important conference we took action to ensure it is an issue that remains in the limelight.

For a full account of the conference, including images and highlights from the speech of David Lammy MP and the wide variety of other interesting speeches, click here.

Date Added: May 9th 2008