ECA Chair Bernard Godding attended the event

The life of former ECA Vice-President, Andrew Fairbairn, was commemorated in a service at The Church of St James the Greater in Leicester on Saturday 26th April. Amongst those attending was current ECA Chair, Bernard Godding who heard tributes to an inspired educationalist who believed profoundly in bringing out the best in every learner, deeply committed to an equality agenda, and passionate about the arts.

The event was staged by the Leicestershire Chorale which Andrew helped to found, and there was introductory music from a Quintet of the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra which he had championed along with many other causes; local, national, and international.

Personal tributes were given by his daughter, granddaughter, a former headteacher, advisor, neighbour and co-fundraiser, and representatives of the British Federation of Young Choirs. Counter-tenor Hal Collins and organist Mark Batten also performed for the congregation which represented the full breadth of Andrew's interests and the many facets of his career as a formidable Deputy and then Director of Education in the Leicestershire which, during his tenure, was reconstituted to include the City and Rutland.

To view the ECA's celebration of Andrew Fairbairn's life in full, please click here.

Date Added: April 28th 2008