UEA's fortnightly newspaper 'Concrete' has run a feature on the ECA's EAC Activities.

Concrete is one of the most well-respected student newspapers in the country and, to reflect the interests of the student body, has a dedicated environmental section, which featured an in-depth article about the Every Action Counts project in this fortnights edition.

The article, written by Tor Brierley, emphasised the wide-reaching importance of the Every Action Counts project, and included a call to arms for students to become involved in the initiative, particularly in signing up to become Community Champions.

The ECA has had great sucess in signing up Community Champions, and this is beginning to be reflected within the University environment. Two UEA students, and one lecturer, had already completed their Community Champion training prior to the release of the article, which one described as an “excellent empowering course.”

To read the article in full, please click here.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to help make Every Action Count, then simply contact Susie White at: info@e-c-a.ac.uk.

Date Added: March 18th 2008