Bedfordshire learning addicts get together

What do a certain world adventurer, a creator of metal hip joints, a community activist, a garden entrepreneur, an archer, a wood turner, a counsellor, a computer teacher, a business consultant, and a musician have in common? Answer: the love of learning. These and others with varying skills gathered together for dinner in a small Bedfordshire village, most of them not knowing each other, and right from the start, the conversations were full of delighted energy.

Judy Robinson, a member of the ECA’s National Executive Council, organised it, not only to introduce the group to the work of the ECA, but mainly to celebrate learning for its own sake. Sometimes the refreshing joy of learning can be lost in tick-box bureaucracy. Just hanging out together with like-minded others who share the learning addiction can bring refreshing creativity into our lives. Well, it certainly brought a lot of laughter and pleasure that night.

The ECA is a national organisation which has always supported the individual learner, and its work through the decades has focussed on the community of learners. Having dinner together is just one of the ways the ECA can emphasise this focus.

There will be more such meetings, and new ideas for creativity. If YOU live near Bedfordshire and are a learning addict, let us hear from you via the ECA. You are welcome to join the group.

Judy Robinson, ECA National Executive Member

Date Added: May 30th 2013