ECA contribution to ‘Learning for a better world’.

In partnership with Speakers’ Corner Trust, the ECA held a mini-debate at the initial conference of the UK contribution to the EU agenda for Adult Learning; ‘Learning for a better world’ in Cardiff from 25th – 26th April 2013.

The question posed was ‘should we have an elected European council for learners?’ This contributed to a lively debate throughout the conference and whilst the majority of participants were generally in favour of the statements supporting such a Council, many comments reflected the importance of using existing mechanisms at many levels and several of ensuring that positive actions came about as a result.

“the learner voice must be heard at EU level”
“adult education is a European issue”
“anything that involves learners in their learning is a plus”

There were also comments that pointed out the “need to take care with the ‘elected’ part". As this “could be rubbished if the claim cannot be substantiated” and that the role of those elected would have to be carefully explained:

“would be important to have learners who will represent others”

This was a really positive response to the debate from the professionals across Europe at the conference and the ECA will look to find other ways of taking this agenda forward, potentially with other partners in the Democracy Matters alliance.

Chris Minter, ECA Director & Vice Chair

Date Added: April 29th 2013