And the theme has been chosen as; "Citizenship in a Globalized Society; Challenges for Adult Education?"

The 2008 Salzburg Talks will be held in Salzburg from Sunday 6th July - Friday 11th July. The Talks this year are dedicated to the analysis of globalization phenomena in terms of their relevance to adult education.

The Talks have been presented bilingually (in German and English) since the first conference in 1958, and the ECA has been actively involved in the conference since that very first year.

Former ECA President John Field is the keynote speaker at this year's event, presenting a lecture entitled "Globalisation, internationalism, localisation: what prospects for active citizenship and adult learning". Other highlights of the Talks include a panel discussion with members of the media on the topic of "What characterizes the new global citizen?" and Eva Cendon from Danube University Krems, presenting a speech entitled "The European Qualification Framework- Chances and Challenges for Adult Education"

ECA Chair Bernard Godding and Treasurer Naomi Godding have been actively participating and enjoying the Talks since 2001. The Salzburg Talks attach great importance to the exchange of ideas and to discussions concerning the theme of its annual international conference. Apart from the contributions of the keynote speakers, who are found and engaged by the organisers, the conference is marked by the great number of international contributions on the topic which are provided and vocalised by the participants themselves; as Bernard and Naomi know only too well!

For more information about the Talks, and details of how to register to attend click here. The deadline for registration is April 30th.

The VOV, who run these exciting Salzburg talks, also administer an online knowledge platform entitled Knowledgebase: Adult Education. This in an online knowledge platform for topics relevant to the theory and practice of adult education in Austria. In addition, the Knowledgebase offers information on the structure, organisation, statistics and the history of the Austrian Adult Education Institutes as well as on continuing education offers.

This site is particularly interesting as it contains 37 references (in articles and presentations) to former President of the ECA Ronnie Wilson, cementing the importance of his work in rebuilding adult education in Europe after the Second World War.

To visit the VOV Knowledgebase Click here.

Date Added: February 15th 2008