Provision of services to end by August 2013

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) confirmed yesterday that it has no alternative but to begin a managed exit from its delivery of improvement services for the further education and skills sector.

This decision was made in light due to the funding of LSIS by BIS ceasing on 1 August 2013.

Courses and training conferences delivered by LSIS and other support, including the provision of grants direct to providers will be phased out between March and August 2013. The organisation is discussing with BIS and other partners the details of when the programmes and services will end, with the specific dates due to be released in the New Year.

LSIS Chief Executive, Rob Wye, said: "It is our aim to provide the planned high quality support and services we have already committed to at least until the end of this financial year, and in some cases through to the end of the academic year. It is vital that those who are committed to improvement activities over this period are not impeded in achieving their goals".

"For a significant proportion of the improvement services that LSIS has delivered so successfully for the sector over the last four years, it is expected that these will end completely by August 2013. We will also be exploring alternative destinations for our programmes and activities, so that the sector may continue to have expertly trained leaders and governors, continued support for teaching and learning, and assistance with its own improvement."

Of the closure ECA Chair & CEO Bernard Godding said "LSIS comes at the end of a long succession of agencies that have supported and encouraged the development of curriculum and institutions that respond to the needs of learners in the post school sector. There have been a number of projects that I have personally been involved with under this aegis which have always given me great professional satisfaction – and I believe made a real difference."

"This is another disappointing closure of an agency whose history has been marked by its successes."

Many of the activities that LSIS has traditionally been responsible for delivering, such as teaching and learning around leadership and management and standards and qualifications will now fall under future services offered by the newly created FE Guild. In November of this year Rob Wye told FE News how he thought the FE Guild will affect LSIS. See the video clip below to see the interview.

Date Added: December 11th 2012