Honouring the best initiatives that promote active ageing and solidarity between generations

As part of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, the European Commission is launching the European Year 2012 Awards in order to celebrate organisations and individuals that promote active ageing through their activities.

There are six award categories -

The competition (with the exception of the generations@school category) is open to all citizens of EU Member States until 1 September 2012.

The finalists in each category will be invited to the EY2012 Active Ageing Awards ceremony, which is planned to take place in Brussels in November.

More information on the Awards and on how to participate is available in all languages using the link: http://europa.eu/ey2012/ey2012main.jsp?catId=1026&langId=en

Date Added: July 10th 2012