Online resource for crafts related careers

A National Craft Toolkit was launched yesterday at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, at an event jointly hosted by NIACE and craft&design magazine.

The online Craftworks Toolkit, co-ordinated by NIACE, is a resource for anyone who may be considering or is already engaged in a craft-related career. The toolkit includes sections on Apprenticeships, Routes to a Career, Value of Craft, Success Stories, Awards and Bursaries, Useful Contacts and Learning and Training. The toolkit can be found at

The toolkit reflects the remergence of craft as an area of interest for government and vocational educators. In 2010 during a speech given to the Royal Society of Arts Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning John Hayes, signalled a new vision for craft and vocational skills saying "Craft should be honoured and those who master it revered. So while we work to encourage the learning of practical skills, we must also work to build demand for and recognition of them. Craft to feed the common good. Skills to serve the national interest. Ours will be - must be - the age of the craftsman."

Chair of the ECA Bernard Godding welcomed the launch of the toolkit saying “Pursuit of crafts in adult learning is part of the rich tradition represented in the work of the ECA, who view arts and crafts as a vital strand in adult education in this country and have previously held a number of conferences focused on the crafts in adult learning”.

Date Added: May 11th 2012