Association launch their new ‘Inspire Mark’ project ‘Going Green for Gold’ with help from BBC celebrity.

Norwich Schools found inspiration to “Go Green for Gold” and the ECA was awarded the Inspire Mark of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games when a celebrity gardener helped to launch new community and school gardens project.

On 21st February 2012, the BBC’s Blue Peter Gardener and Horticulturist Chris Collins visited Norwich, where the ECA’s Head Office is based, to help launch a new project called “Going Green for Gold” that will be working with the local community, young people, schools and youth organisations. “Going Green for Gold” has also been awarded the prestigious Inspire Mark of London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Chris Collins visited Parkside School, Cavell Primary School, Tuckswood Primary School where he gave talks at assemblies and met pupils who have developed their own school gardens.

Parkside School welcomed Chris at their morning assembly by singing cheery songs about vegetables and fruits. Outdoors, pupils showed Chris their designs of a planned memorial friendship garden and the chosen site. Afterwards Chris held a Q&A session whilst visiting Parkside’s’ greenhouse, vegetable garden and hearing about plans of establishing a sensory garden.

Cavell Primary School welcomed Chris by showing him their new state of the art Allotment Garden. A small group of students, led by Kate a gardening teaching assistant, were cooking pancakes with kale filling outdoors using ingredients they had themselves grown while an other group of pupils were sowing potatoes in the polytunnel.

The Eco group at Tuckswood Primary School took Chris on a walk around the school grounds’ green areas and the award winning wildlife and pond area with bird hide. Pupils engaged Chris by telling him all about trees and wild life gardening. The visit ended in the assembly hall with where all students at the school had an opportunity to meet Chris and ask questions.

Chris said of the day "Great day in the schools of Norwich, great kids, great horticulture, look forward to coming back soon"

The day ended at the projects’ main hub of activity at the Hewett School where Joseph Ballard, London’s 2012 Inspire Programmer for the East of England presented the project “Going Green for Gold” with the Inspire Mark for the Olympic themes of Sustainability and Education. It is 1 of 4 sustainability Inspire Marks for the East of England.

Emma Forsberg

Inspire Mark Presentation

Date Added: March 9th 2012