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Last week the ECA submitted its response to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Review of Informal Adult and Community Learning, part of the‘New Challenges, New Chances: Next Steps in Implementing the Further Education Reform Programme Consultation.

The IACL consultation aimed to review and refocus BIS investment in informal adult and community learning to ensure it supports relevant Government policy objectives including the Big Society and engages and motivates people from disadvantaged groups.

To help formulate its own response and to encourage other members and organisations the ECA held an Eastern Region meeting at the beginning of October as well as working with its regional representatives to gain views from the other regions.

Amongst other points in its response the Association stated its belief that the Government’s aims for the Big Society and decentralisation of power will not work as intended unless: -

The submitted response was endorsed by ECA members at its AGM on 22nd October 2011.

To read the full ECA response click here.

Date Added: October 28th 2011