Open University materials most popular on iTunes U.

ECA member the Open University has become a record breaker on the iTunes U service. The service is a digital library of materials for university students and staff which enables them to download lectures and resources from universities around the world.

Downloads of the OU materials has now reached 31 million, more than any other university and around 10% of all the downloads from iTunes U.

New member in tune with iTunes.

Since launching as an approved ‘i Tunes U’ University in May 2010, new ECA member, Norwich University College of the Arts has become increasingly known as one of the first, and most innovative providers of content distribution through the portal.

Norwich is one of the only UK-based specialist arts, design and media institutions present on i Tunes U, and one of the very few globally to use the free distribution hub to promote the work of its students using i Tunes. This use of the public i Tunes U portal has led to a global following for the site in excess of 10,000, and has started to enhance the employability and exposure of its courses, students and staff on the educational world stage.

To hear a students’ view of the University College, in the form of an i Tunes U student film click here

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Date Added: March 22nd 2011