New Flexi-Path publication

The Flexi-Path project partnership have just published ‘Flexible Pathways towards Professionalisation’ detailing the Leonardo funded Flexi-Path project which developed the Flexi-Path Toolkit - A Guide to Creating a Professional Portfolio to Demonstrate High Level Competences of Adult Educators.

Flexi-Path, which started in early 2009 and finished at the end of September 2010, focused on developing a systematic approach to showing the degree level competences of senior adult educators within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The partnership, made up of senior adult education specialists from Europe, combined their knowledge and experience to carry out the project and all were involved in contributing to this publication.

Split into three parts the publication -

Bernard Godding, ECA Chair & CEO, author of the chapter ‘Compilation of a Self-evaluation Toolkit for Senior Adult Educators’ which introduces the Toolkit, says "This book represents an authentic voice of the partnership and provides a comprehensive overview, technical background and professional focus to the work of advanced practitioners in our field. It deserves close attention for anyone looking to the future of adult learning in Europe".

Copies of the publication are available from the Head Office; please see our publications page for more details.

Date Added: February 8th 2011