ECA Vice-Chair reports on the BBC’s launch event

The ECA was one of the partner organisations attending the launch of the new BBC strategy for learning on Monday 27th September. The strategy is intended to put learning right at the heart of the BBC and provide opportunities for all audiences. ECA members will want to support and contribute to the partnership that will help to bring further learning opportunities to our local centres and communities.

Of interest to ECA members will be the new series designed to get local people “hands on” with history. Building on Michael Wood’s ‘The Story of England’, an eight-part series on BBC2 called ‘The Story of the Nation’ will tell the story through communities investigating their own local history. This will be followed up regionally and locally.

Back in the seventies the series ‘On the Move’ spearheaded a major national literacy campaign which became a central concern for a generation of adult educators and the BBC are challenging TV dramatists to come up with a modern successor that again we can support and contribute to.

At the launch, Saul Nassé, Controller for Learning at the BBC, said:

‘At the heart of our new strategy is the desire to unlock the learning potential that exists across the vast range of BBC output and activities – whether it’s national, regional or local using all of our specialist expertise, from News to Music, from Natural History to Sport, from Drama to Arts.’

I’m sure that that’s a vision that ECA members would want to applaud and support for, as Saul also says,

‘That’s because learning transforms lives, opens windows onto unfamiliar people, places and cultures, increases knowledge, expands the imagination, and nourishes communities. It changes people and makes the world a better place.’

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Chris Minter, Vice-Chair

Date Added: October 1st 2010