ECA showcased

As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of Grundtvig, the UK National Agency for the programme ECOTEC, are showcasing a range of organisations and individuals that have been involved in the programme on their Grundtvig website.

The ECA has been involved in two projects under the European Commission programme which funds training opportunities for adult education organisations, staff and learners and involves working with partners from Europe.

ECA Chair & CEO Bernard Godding is amongst those profiled on the website as “Bernard’s projects have gained a great deal of recognition for their impact on adult learners”.

The ECA’s Grundtvig projects TEACh and Teddy Bear have previously been recognised by the European Commission with TEACh being selected in 2008 as one of ten European Commission success stories and Teddy Bear selected by the Commission as an outstanding example of effective practice.

In the interview Bernard discusses these two projects and the benefits of this involvement on both the Association and him as an individual.

When speaking of the impact on him personally he says “These were unique experiences that wouldn’t have happened without the Grundtvig programme. I have forged strong friendships across the continent and gained a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of adult learning.”

The showcasing of organisations follows on from the start of the 10th Anniversary celebrations which was marked by the conference ‘A Decade of Innovation in Adult Learning’ in Brussels in January 2010. Bernard attended this event and gave a presentation on the Teddy Bear project during the ‘Senior Citizens and Adult Learning’ workshop.

To read the full interview please click here.

Date Added: June 10th 2010