The third partner meeting for the EU funded Flexi-Path project took place in the Estonia capital, Tallinn, on 13th – 14th May 2010.

The Flexi-Path project is funded by Leonardo, part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme focusing on vocational education and training.

The ECA, which is the UK partner for the project, was represented by Chair and CEO Bernard Godding and its Flexi-Path Researcher Trish Kreft. They met with project partners from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain and Switzerland to further develop the project which aims to allow adult education professionals to gain recognition for their higher level skills throughout Europe.

Bernard Godding says “At a time of great change, both here in UK and across Europe, there are both threats and opportunities in this sector. While employment prospects are becoming more limited, the need for effective leadership through the period of economic regeneration becomes paramount. Recognition of the qualities in individuals who can help to resolve this conundrum is critical and this process of identifying those with the highly developed competences forms a key part of the response to the global downturn. The joint nature of our project enables us to draw upon a wide ranging expertise that will endorse these competences for those professionals.”

The next step for the partners is to create a portfolio framework which can be used to assess the skills and experience that adult educators have developed during their careers. The framework will be applicable to a variety of general and specialist roles being fulfilled within the field of adult education. Examples of those who may benefit include specialists in adult learning, team leaders, Heads of Departments, curriculum developers and researchers

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Date Added: May 18th 2010